The old adage says "time is money"

Ain't that the truth?! To us, efficiency in marketing means spending time where it counts. Not wasting resources where it doesn't.


Convenience is conventional, because it's essential!

When time is of the essence...marketing that works 24/7 means availability and presence.

On Point

What's WikiFleeks even mean anyways?

Well...when it's On Fleek or it's On Point, it means we're collaboratively exceeding expectations every step of the way

Our Services

Nine steps out of ten in the right direction

Get you nowhere fast if no one will listen

We offer Digital Marketing/Advertising & Content Creation Services because you need to be heard!


|| Audio || Visual ||


When it sounds better...and looks better...it feels better! Because on any medium a great story sells


Custom Site Development

Domain Hosting


Front to back and back to front! Responsive and mobile first web design for whatever your need. Look good on every level!


Songs without a hook just don't measure up!

Simply put: No hook, no catch!

We know the old tune...but Music Marketing isn't selling out.

Think baiting your hook and casting your line, while catching new fish all of the time.


2.5 Billion people can't be wrong

Social Media introduced a revolutionary way to spread ideas and well, we can't get enough. Find out how to spend less and make more with highly targeted social marketing campaigns


It's a bird...it's a plane...it's FAA Compliant Drone Services!!

Sky view, bird's-eye view, a new perspective, or just effective. Drones get the high shot and the right shot.


A shot in the dark is a likely miss. Research a lot. Know what your target is.

Good marketing means knowing your audience better than they know themselves. Don't shoot from the hip! WikiFleeksMedia offers research services to provide you with the light to guide your way!

WikiFleeks: It Has Meaning!

Wiki has a few different meanings. Of Hawaiian origin, meaning to hurry; quick, fast. A more contemporary understanding of Wiki in the digital era is a collaborative resource edited by the users. Fleek is attributed to more recent pop culture-means flawless, or on point. We understand the value of team work, the need to be quick, and the importance of flawless craftmanship! Like a well rehearsed storyteller conveys a well written story, #WikiFleeksMedia meets in the intersection of science and emotion. A well articulated end result that is beautifully and scientifically crafted.

Our Team

Joshua Skellett

Creative Director

Bob Bardou

Account Management

Juan Peña

NYC Affiliate/Account Management

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